Saturday, August 20, 2011

New toys!......

My Hubby got a mini 14, so I got the Cinch Package of my dreams!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A message to and about Very sweet , sweet Lady

Ok I like to go to the craft stores and have a good coupon maybe a few, But money is very tight, and I will stand in an isle and Loooook trying to decide what I need to inspire me! I usually am the one to help, give out coupons or money to help! Well I guess pay backs are wonderful... Some one helped me, ALOT today! This sweet girl whom I never met started talking to me about the different products and which one's she liked, or really new witch ones are the coolest to own!! any ways I liked the ones she recommended to me! Ok, so as I some times do Started to count my change. This angel of crafting reached in to her pocket and gave me the extra funds I needed, to help ME! God is definitively on my, and her side. I feel so badly because I never got her Name, But she did ask me to a scrap and I intend to go if I am able!( My broken and deseased body sometimes fails me) and I hope to thank her tomorrow A Big Thank You to the Lady in the store! I love when I meet some one like you That is a lot Like me!! God bless you and to all that read this Post! Tamara